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Our Plans

Semi-dedicated agent

Semi-dedicated agent

Expected Daily Performance*:
- Less than15 chats
- Or < 30 tickets/emails
- Or < 35 orders fulfillment

Weekly hours/Days:
- 20 hours/week 5 workdays/week

Dedicated agent

Dedicated agent

Expected Daily Performance*:
- 15 ~ 30 chats
- Or 30 ~ 60 tickets/emails
- Or 35 ~ 70 orders fulfillment

Weekly hours/Days:
- 40 hours/week 5 workdays/week

Dedicated 24/7 Coverage

Dedicated 24/7 Coverage

Expected Weekly Performance*:
- 630 ~ 1260 chats
- Or 1260 ~ 2520 tickets/emails
- Or 1470 ~ 2940 orders fulfillment

Weekly hours/Days:
- 24 hours/day 7 workdays/week

Included in All Plans

Customer Satisfaction Team Manager

You will get a dedicated team manager to help you maximize your agents’ efficiency.

Free Knowledge Base Building

Just starting, don’t have a knowledge base, or need a better one? We help you build or improve your knowledge base.

Free Training
Training will be a breeze, as you explain your product/service to the team manager once, and they handle future training for you.
Agents Retention & On-time Replacement
You never have to worry about retaining the agents or look for a replacement of one of them decides to move on. We got that covered for you!

* The above numbers are estimated based on experience with our current clients. The actual performance can increase/decrease based on the complexity of your customers’ requests, the supported product, or service.

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