If you’re involved in a SaaS business, you need to know that customer experience is the cornerstone of your customer success strategy.

Though we are in the technology era, people still face troubles when dealing with new software. If this software is necessary for their work or lifestyle, they may be forced to keep using it until they get used to it, but they will churn if it’s not necessary for them.

Thus, understanding your customers’ needs, capabilities, and characteristics and figuring out how they may use your tools is essential to have happy and satisfied customers.

12 copy & paste SaaS customer service email templates

12 SaaS Email Templates

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This short and easy to use Free guide has

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In this article, we introduce five secrets that will help you improve your SaaS customer experience.

  1. Work on the initial entry point (onboarding).
  2. Customer support (the front line).
  3. Customer experience feedback.
  4. Educate your customers continuously.
  5. Try your competitors’ software.

Work on the initial entry point (onboarding)

Imagine you’re trying a time management SaaS with lots of features (lots and lots); you find various tables, stars, timers, and calendars. You try to understand the simplest things like managing your habits, tasks, and planning your month, but you don’t know where to start; you get frustrated after 20 minutes of no value and cancel your subscription or uninstall the app.

It happens, right? I mean, each one of us has deleted an app once before because of this missy onboarding.

Making your onboarding the easiest part of your system is the number one rule for SaaS customer experience. Educate the users through their first experience, and let them reach the value fast.

Another thing is that users don’t have to understand all your features at once; make it a step by step process, and they will understand the flow.

So, in short, you need to give users fast and easy value.

Customer support (the front line)

According to statistics, customer support plays a significant role in reducing churn rate (and increasing retention rate, on the other hand). Customer support can give you a bad reputation on social media or build your brand’s great list of fans.

The rules of serving your online customers may be different from serving your offline ones. Thus, always measure your customer service KPIs and try the metrics that represent your business’s values.

After the trial, measurement, and enhancement process, you will have a strong team with reliable tools, policies, rules, knowledge, and skills.

Customer experience feedback

You can’t improve your customer experience strategy without knowing what your customers think about it and what they want to change. Each business has two types of customers, initiators, and silents.

Initiators are those who offer their feedback without you asking, thank you for the right things, mention the bad stuff, ask you to change it; they may also suggest new features they need.

Your loyalty program should reward those guys. They gave you their time after all without you asking!

On the other hand, silent users don’t care much; if they like something, they keep using your software, and if they don’t like something, they leave you. They may also tell people about their bad experience with you!

Those guys should be pushed to give their opinion before it’s too late.

And for both of them, you should keep checking out how they are doing using email templates and email automation. Keep in touch and keep asking for feedback for a better experience.

Educate your customers continuously

After a great onboarding experience, keep educating your customers about your SaaS by sending them emails, in-app popup notifications, and providing an organized knowledge base that they can come back to whenever they need help or face a new issue.

Try your competitors’ software

If multiple choices lead to the same result, the one with the best experience and features will win. After knowing what distinguishes you from your competitors, try your competitors’ tools to understand how they work on user experience and what users think of them. Try to use this information to give your users a better experience.

Your users may have been using your competitors’ tool and then shifted to yours because of a specific problem. Knowing that problem to avoid in the future is very important, and you can understand it from public feedbacks.

Also, it could be that your SaaS solves a problem that your competitors don’t, so make sure to improve that feature and focus on it.

Which do you think is the most important secret of the above? Let us know in the comments.

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12 copy & paste SaaS customer service email templates

12 SaaS Email Templates

To Handle Customers in Different Situations

This short and easy to use Free guide has
12 different customer service email templates for different situations and the message you should deliver to affect your users’ minds and feelings.