5 Secrets to Improve Your eCommerce Customer Experience

Whether it’s online or offline, customer experience is everything about today’s business. Today’s competition is all about who provides a better experience to customers. Customers try, test, and evaluate your experience; after a while, you will have either a good or bad reputation.

In this article, we give you some secrets to improve your eCommerce customer experience so you will have happy, satisfied, and loyal customers who would refer you to their network.

Things you should know about customer experience

  • The bad experience lasts and spreads.
  • The good experience lasts and spreads. 
  • A bad experience is more likely to spread. 
  • Most people who have a bad experience with a brand leave without sharing their complaints with you and talk about it.
  • Working on improving customer experience isn’t a luxury for any business. 
  • It’s not about what everybody else does; it’s about what you need to do. 

How to improve your eCommerce customer experience

  1. Categorize your products properly.
  2. Simplify the purchasing/check out process.
  3. Keep things as clear as a bell.
  4. Have a mobile-friendly website.
  5. Keep using real-time testing.

Categorize your products probably

Imagine you went to an online shop to buy a new bike with X, Y, and Z attributes, tried to understand the way they are classified on the website, and couldn’t understand a thing; instead, you wasted 15 minutes scrolling down tens of them with disordered description, and finally, you left the online store with the intention not to buy a thing from there.

7 Copy & Paste eCommerce Email Templates to Handel Customers in Different Situations

7 eCommerce Email Templates

to Handel Customers in Different Situations

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That’s a lousy customer experience scenario that we want to avoid!

Make it easy for each customer to find what they need on your website. 

For e-commerce websites, categorizing the products using different classifications is as important as putting a description and having ratings and reviews.

Simplify the purchasing/check out process

Taking the purchase decision is hard enough! We all know that. That’s why simplicity in the online experience is the number one metric.

Once the customer is convinced to buy, the cart is full, everything is settled down, and then boom, cart abandonment!

Sorry, your system was too complicated, slow, frustrating, or boring that the customer decided to let it go. Of course, not all cart abandonment cases are because of purchasing process difficulty, but it’s one of the major causes.

Thus, try to make your checkout process as simple as possible, with the least information and steps needed, and with a UI that encourages them to keep going.

Keep things clear as a bell

When it comes to money, things should be clear, or you may be labeled a cheater. Define your shipping method, time, and cost, your return and exchange policy, and of course, a clear description of the product and a “real” image of it.

Online shopping is about trust and reputation. So, be trustworthy and build a strong reputation that will make people feel safe to buy from you.

Have a mobile-friendly website

We don’t need to say that mobiles role current industries. If you sell your products through a mobile app, you don’t need this advice, but if you sell on a website or an online store, they have to be mobile-friendly.

Lots of financial transactions nowadays are through mobiles; most people surf the web using mobiles. Don’t let a small icon with an unclickable button or a messy mobile screen stops your clients from buying.

Keep using real-time testing

When it comes to user experience, we should mention “User experience testing.” It will help if you have real-time testing with users to determine how good your customer experience strategy is and whether it matches your customers’ expectations.

What comes after testing and receiving feedbacks and reviews is enhancing and improving.

Bonus customer experience tip

Finally, having a live chat for customers to go to when they need help can increase your sales and reduce your cart abandonment rate, which in turn will increase your ROAS.


Which do you think is the best of these secrets? Let us know in the comments.

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7 Copy & Paste eCommerce Email Templates to Handel Customers in Different Situations

7 eCommerce Email Templates

To Handle Customers in Different Situations

Short and easy to use FREE guide that has 7 customer service email templates for different situations and the message you should deliver to affect your customers’ minds and feelings.