12 eCommerce Customer Service Practices In 2021

Online shopping has taken a significant share of the overall market (especially after Covid-19).

If you have an online business, you surely have an online customer service team that supports your customers. But just like any other customer service department, it brings misfortunes if it’s not done right.

Supporting your customers through their shopping journey is the role of customer service agents, who are always at the front line representing your business values and strategies. They can increase or decrease your conversion rate and customer lifetime value!

7 Copy & Paste eCommerce Email Templates to Handel Customers in Different Situations

7 eCommerce Email Templates

to Handel Customers in Different Situations

This short and easy to use Free guide has

7 different email templates for different situations and the message you should deliver to affect your users’ minds and feelings.

eCommerce Customer Service Best Practices

Saved replies

Most of the time saved replies save the day because, after a while, you’ll come up with the most common questions, so saving the answers saves your customer service team time and helps them concentrate on more important things such as critical issues as PERSONALIZATION.


As you deal with human beings, you know that IT’S NOT BUSINESS; IT’S PERSONAL!

Most of the time, people get more engaged with your business, want to buy more, and become loyal when they feel they are special for your business, and you care about their satisfaction and happiness. 

Thus, a personalized customer service experience builds an ongoing relationship and increases customer retention.

Use different channels

You can support your customers through multiple digital channels like tickets, live chat, email, social media, etc. Each customer has a preferred platform that works best for him/her. 

Thus, it would be best to cover all these channels or research to figure out your target customer’s preferable chunnel.

Let customers help themselves

Giving your customers the power to help themselves is essential for any eCommerce business. Digital generations prefer to reach the information themselves without the need to contact a customer service representative. So, provide the tools to help them do so, tools like knowledge bases and FAQs page.

Make it easier to reach you out

The more friendly and straightforward your process is, the more your customers will love it. If the customer needs help and finds it complicated to reach your customer service, s/he will run away.

Track your customer service strategy

How is your customer service doing? That’s a good question! To answer it, you need to track your customer service operation and collect data. What to do with this data? Analyze it and use it to optimize your customer service process and strategies.

Reply fast and take care of rush hours

Reply within a few hours. Response time is very critical in the digital world. Thus, don’t let your customer wait and put some effort into making the process as fast as possible, even during rush hours (without decreasing its quality).

Ask for feedback

If it’s eCommerce, then there are online reviews for sure. Make sure to read these reviews, accept them, thank your customers for it, and work on it (You can find great ideas from feedbacks).

End the conversation properly

Make sure to end the conversation after serving the customers properly. Make them feel welcomed to ask more, that you’re here to help, and that serving them is your happiness (or at least your job, it doesn’t matter).

Use Documentation

Documentation is the magic of any customer service team. If you have a documented and well-organized customer service practice, it makes it much easier for your team to fix issues and understand how to deal with it.

It also helps following up with customers’ issues, and finally, it makes it easier to add new agents.

Worst-case flow

When a big thing happens that the customer service representative knows nothing about or can do nothing about, there should be a proper flow to direct the issue to the right person.

Follow up cases

Organize your operation so that you won’t forget an issue that was hanged or snoozed for some reason. Sometimes it happens that the steps to fix a problem takes time and work from the customer side. 

If you let the customer has his/her time and forgot to come back asking how things are, this isn’t a good service.

Which do you think is the most important practice? Let us know in the comment.

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7 Copy & Paste eCommerce Email Templates to Handel Customers in Different Situations

7 eCommerce Email Templates

To Handle Customers in Different Situations

Short and easy to use FREE guide that has 7 customer service email templates for different situations and the message you should deliver to affect your customers’ minds and feelings.